In under 4 hours from Munich to Berlin

In under 4 hours from Munich to Berlin

Why decide for one city for your MICE Travel Experience when you can reach two of Germany´s metropolis within less than 4 hours?!

A dream is coming true for everyone who has to commute between Berlin and Munich on a regular basis. From the 10th of December 2017, the German Train Company “Deutsche Bahn” (DB) will integrate a high-speed train which will transport passengers from Berlin to Munich and vice versa within less than 4 hours. The “VDE 8” (Verkehrsprojekt Deutsche Einheit Nr. 8) project is considered the biggest post-war history transportation project within Germany. The project is based on a history of 25 years of rail track construction and has cost up to 10 billion Euros.

“Germany is moving closer together on rail tracks” and the investment pays-off explains the DB-board member Berthold Huber. Over 17 million passengers along the way will profit from the expansion and improvement of the DB service and the new high-speed train. It is an important step in the DB history and “customers can look forward to shorter travel times and better connections”.

Also, Bamberg and Erfurt will benefit from the new developments in the German train history. On Wednesday the 30th of August 2017, the high-speed stretch between Bamberg and Erfurt was tested. This development stands for a significant mobility advancement within Germany. The trains are able to reach a speed of up to 300 km/h.

Besides the convince for all the people in Germany this improvement of the rail tracks and high-speed connections comes in handy for every MICE group which would like to combine these two German metropolises. Next to reaching Berlin or Munich within a short period of time it contributes to a fun experience on every team’s incentive trip.

From December on, 3 high-speed trains will run between Munich and Berlin on a daily basis and will cover the distance within less than 4 hours. For us, it also means that our offices in the two cities are moving closer together and the 600km between us will be covered within no time.