Marina Parra-Flechsig to receive the MICE Hall of Fame® Recognition in 2016

Marina Parra-Flechsig to receive the MICE Hall of Fame® Recognition in 2016

Our Managing Director, Mrs. Marina Parra-Flechsig, has been honored to receive the recognition of the MICE Hall of Fame® in 2016.

The MICE Hall of Fame® honors long-standing successful personalities of the MICE – industry in the categories Agencies, Corporate, Service Providers / hosts and speakers/moderators,  who have rendered outstanding services in this segment through their achievements and impressive success.

The recipients of the MICE Hall of Fame® recognition are chosen under the following criteria:

  • Owners and managers of Incoming Agencies that have marked the MICE industry with their successful work.
  • Personalities on decision-making positions who are especially committed to the motivation and training of employees and the creation of spectacular MICE Events.
  • Personalities on the supply side that prove outstanding quality and innovative products and services.
  • Speakers and moderators, whose work has been linked for more than a decade with the MICE industry through their extraordinary achievements.

The nomination of new members for the MICE Hall of Fame® is received via suggestions of the Advisory Board. The personalities who will be included in the “Hall of Fame” are exclusively chosen by the editorial team of the ICJ Mice Magazine.
This recognition will be handed out on February 26th, 2016 during the ICJ mice Advantage International Workshop, to take place in Frankfurt/Offenbach from February 25th to 27th 2016.  

The MICE Hall of Fame® is a trademark of EC-Incentive-, Marketing- und Consulting-GmbH and was initiated by Mr.  Gerald W. Huft, Director of Redaction of ICJ mice magazine, as well as General Manager of ICJ mice marketing.